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NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV Therapy Can Help Slow Aging, Increase Focus, Aid Cellular Repair & More!

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NAD  IV Therapy in Toledo

NAD is an essential coenzyme that our cells can not live without. It works in your body at a cellular level, keeping your cells healthy so you can live a healthier, longer life.  NAD  levels naturally decline with age and as NAD levels decline, health declines, too. NAD has been shown to slow the aging process, increase energy production, elevate mental clarity, and decrease addiction and dependency.  Alleviating PTSD, depression and anxiety are all benefits of NAD.  

” Regularly using NAD IV Therapy has increased my energy levels; focus; overall mood, and I’m finding myself feeling like I did ten years ago!”- Kendra M.

Restore, Repair, and Replenish with NAD IV Therapies

NAD, short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a crucial amino acid and coenzyme of Niacin (Vitamin B3) that is found in every cell of your body. Most of our body’s energy and organ function is supported by mitochondria in cells, and NAD treatment plays an important role in mitochondria function.

Our NAD IV therapy offers a variety of benefits. Studies suggest that NAD may slow the aging process, leading to a healthier and younger-looking you. This coenzyme boosts neurologic function, restores mental clarity, supports brain regeneration and repair, and increases energy metabolism on a cellular level. NAD treatment may also help improve symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

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