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Experienced, Licensed, Expert Medical Team

All of our medical staff from our doctors to our nurses are licensed, insured, and highly experienced regenerative medicine & healthcare experts. We only use the highest quality ingredients and medical supply sourcing, and adhere to all FDA guidelines. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and all of our staff are available for consults. 

7/1/15  2015 Physical Medicine & Rehab Residents.

Dr. Joel Castellanos M.D.

Physician Consultant

Aaron Deen CNP - Regenative Medicine Specialist

Aaron Deen CNP

Regenerative Medicine Expert

Nicole Byrd LPN - IV- C

Nicole Byrd LPN-IV-C

Lead Nurse

Dr Nancy Carrol MD - Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor

Dr. Nancy Carroll M.D.

Medical Director

Mary Johnson RN -Aesthetic Nurse

Mary Johnson RN

Aesthetic Nurse

Founders Monica Giammarco & Matt Bell

Monica Giammarco & Matt Bell